TBS2603au NDI ®| Hx2 h.265/h.264 HDMI audio and video encoder & decoder



Tbs2603au is an NDI that supports h.264/h.265 ®| Hx2hdmi video encoder, a professional HD video decoder, and an HDMI / USB video recorder.

As an encoder, tbs2603au allows the video source to be sent through the local network, through Ethernet, in the normal http / HLS / RTSP / RTP / UDP / RTMP / rtmps / SRT protocol, or in NDI ®| With other NDIS in hx2 stream ®| Used with hx2 compatible systems.

As a decoder, tbs2603au supports video from HDMI, IP stream or NDI ®| The video source of hx2 stream supports "h.265 main profile, level 4.1 & H.264 baseline / main / high profile level 4.2" decoding, up to h.265 main 1920 × 1080@60fps decode.

NDI ®| Hx2 products use a form of high efficiency and low bandwidth to provide full resolution and full frame rate video on local and wide area networks with limited bandwidth. You can choose to use 100MB Ethernet or Wi Fi technology.

Product features

Visual input (Preview)

HDMI video input, UVC camera input or NDI ®| Hx2 stream input.

NDI ®| Hx2 stream output, HDMI video output

264 / h.265 encoding & decoding, up to 1920x1080p_ H. 265@60fps code. And h.265 main profile, level 4.1 decoding

HDMI embedded & line in audio input

AAC, MP3, MP2, PCMA audio coding

Support USB video recording in the format of MP4 / TS / flv / MKV / mov

Code rate 500kbit / S - 20mbit / s adjustable

Support HTTP, HLS (m3u8), RTP / UDP, unicast, multicast, RTSP, RTMP / rtmps, onvif, SRT

It supports inserting logo, text, mosaic and displaying time in video

Support output display video resolution and frame rate setting (max) 1920x1080P@60hz )

Support HDCP and HD Blu ray

Flexible and friendly web page control

Support ROI (region of interest), up to 8 regions

Video rotation: 0 degrees / 90 degrees / 180 degrees / 270 degrees

Stable and effective, support 7 × 24-hour working hours

Product specification

Product modelTBS2603au
Video input1x HDMI 1.4, NDI ®| Hx2 stream, 1x USB2 0 from UVC camera
Audio inputHDMI-embedded,3.5mm Line-in
OLED displayIP, Input resolution, CPU utilization, core temperature
Video input resolution1920x1080P_50/60HZ; 1920x1080I_50/60HZ; 1280x720P 50/60HZ;
720×576;640×480, etc.
Video output resolution1920x1080P@60fps; 1680×1050; 1280×720; 1024×576; 850×480;
720×576; 720×480; 640×480; 480×360; 360×240;自动; 定制等.
video codingH264 base line, H264 Main, H264 High, H265 Main
Video bit rate0.5Mbps-20Mbps
rate controlCBR, VBR, AVBR, FIXQP
agreementNDI®|HX2 HTTP, HLS, RTSP, RTP/UDP Unicast/Multicast, RTMP(RTMPS), SRT
Coding formatAAC, MP3, MPEG2, PCMA
Audio sampling rate16K, 32K, 44.1K, 48K
Audio sampling rate accuracy16 bit
Audio bit rate32Kb/s ~ 256Kb/s
Network flow
videoH264, H265
audio frequencyMPEG2, MP3, AAC
agreementNDI®|HX2 stream,HTTP,HLS,RTSP,RTP,UDP,RTMP(pull)
Video decodingH.265 Main Profile, Level 4.1; H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile Level 4.2
Audio decodingMpeg2, MP3, AAC
sourceHDMI decoding; Network stream decoding, NDI | HX decoding
video recorder
USB recordingUSB flash drive or USB hard disk
format*.MP4; *.TS, *.FLV, *.MKV, *.MOV
Ethernet / RJ451000 Base-T Ethernet interface
support systemWindows XP/VISTA/SERVER/WIN7/WIN10 ; Linux; MAC OS
size100 * 60 * 31.5mm
power waste少于6W

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