Electronics Manufacturing

Optimize your product design to best meet your goals through our DFM and engineering services.

We help create a design that is optimized for your budget, timeframe, as well as the manufacturing line. Our engineering team, made of up hardware, firmware, mechanical, and electrical engineering experts, are well-versed in considering all aspects of defining and creating a product.

Engineering Design Process for New Product Development

Our engineering design process varies depending on the level of engineering support your product needs. A simplified overview of our engineering design process is as follows:

    Discuss and review the product design with  you

    Create or review any existing PRD (product  requirements document)

    Soft build the product based on PRD

    Design prototypes and working demos of  your product

    Package all product elements to be sent to our manufacturing facility for pre-production

All of the stages in our engineering design process require full collaboration between our engineering team and your product development team. Through our process, we refine and optimize your product’s performance. We also ensure that all functional requirements laid out in the scope of work are met.
Engineering Design Services - Design for Manufacturability

Our engineering design services include preparing your design for manufacturing (DFM). DFM engineering saves time and money within the product development phase.

When you design your product to fit within manufacturing and assembly limitations, your product maintains a high level of quality. This is because minimal or no changes are needed to the design once it transitions from engineering to production. Minimal changes keep your product development timeline on track and on budget.