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8-Bit CMOS Single-Chip Microcontroller
The SAB 80C515/80C535 is a powerful member of the Siemens SAB 8051 family of 8-bit microcontrollers. It is designed in Siemens ACMOS technology and is functionally compatible with the SAB 80515/80535 devices designed in MYMOS technology.
The SAB 80C515/80C535 is a stand-alone, high-performance single-chip microcontroller based on the SAB 8051/80C51 architecture. While maintaining all the SAB 80C51 operating characteristics, the SAB 80C515/80C535 incorporates several enhancements which significantly increase design flexibility and overall system performance.
In addition, the low-power properties of Siemens ACMOS technology allow applications where power consumption and dissipation are critical. Furthermore, the SAB 80C515/80C535 has two software-selectable modes of reduced activity for further power reduction: idle and powerdown mode.
The SAB 80C535 is identical with the SAB 80C515 except that it lacks the on-chip program memory. The SAB 80C515/80C535 is supplied in a 68-pin plastic leaded chip carrier package (P-LCC-68) or in a plastic metric quad flat package (P-MQFP-80).
There are versions for 12, 16 and 20 MHz operation and for 16 MHz operation and for extended temperature ranges – 40 to 85 ËšC. Versions for extended temperature range – 40 to + 110 ËšC are available on request.
● 8 K × 8 ROM (SAB 80C515 only)
● Boolean processor
● 256 × 8 RAM
● Most instructions execute in 1 µs (750 ns)
● Six 8-bit I/O ports, one input port for digital or analog input
● External memory expandable up to
● Three 16-bit timer/counters 128 Kbytes
● Highly flexible reload, capture, compare capabilities
● Backwardly compatible with SAB 8051
● Functionally compatible with SAB 80515
● Full-duplex serial channel
● Idle and power-down mode
● Twelve interrupt vectors, four priority
● Plastic leaded chip carrier package:levels P-LCC-68
● 8-bit A/D converter with 8 multiplexed inputs and programmable internal reference voltages
● Plastic Metric Quad Flat Package P-MQFP-80
● Two temperature ranges available:
- 0 to 70 ËšC (for 12, 16, 20 MHz)
– 40 to 85 ËšC (for 12, 16 MHz)

  • 4 µs (3 µs) multiply and divide

● 16-bit watchdog timer

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