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The PALCE610 is a general purpose PAL device and is functionary and fuse map equivalent to the EP610. It can accommodate logic functions with up to 20 inputs and 16 outputs. There are 16 I/O macrocells that can be indrviduary configured to the user’s specifications. The macrocells can be configured as either registered or combinatorial. The registers can be configured as D.T.J-K. or S-R filp-flops.

The PALCE610 uses the familiar sum-of-productors logic with programmable-AND and fixed-OR structure. Eight product terms are brought to each macrocell toprovide logic implementations.

The PALCE610 is manufactured using advanced CMOS EE technology providing low power consumption. Moreover, it is a high-speed device having a worst-case tpd of 15ns .Space-saving24-pin SKINNYDIP and 28-pin PLCC packages are offered.

This device can be quickly erased and reprogrammed providing for easy prototyping. Once a device is programmed the security bit can be used to provide protection from copying a proprietary design.





  • Lattice/Vantis Programmable Array Logic(PAL) architecture
  • Electrically-erasable CMOS technology providing half power(90mA) at high speed  (-15=15-ns Tpd     -25=25-ns TPD)
  • Sixteen macrocells with configurable I/O architecture
  • Registered or combinatorial operation
  • Registers programmable as D.T.J-K. or S-R
  • Asynchronous clocking via product term or bank register clocking from external pins
  • Register preload for initialization
  • Space-saving 24-pin SKINNYDIP and 28-pin PLCC packages
  • Fully tested for 100% programming yield and high reliability
  • Extensive third-party software and programmer support through Fusion PLD partners





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