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The SMJ320C31, SMJ320LC31, and SMQ320LC31 digital signal processors (DSPs) are 32-bit, floating-point processors manufactured in 0.6-µm triple-level-metal CMOS technology. The devices are part of the SMJ320C3x generation of DSPs from Texas Instruments.





 Processed to MIL-PRF-38535 (QML)

 Operating Temperature Ranges:

− Military (M) −55°C to 125°C

− Special (S) −55°C to 105°C

 SMD Approval

 High-Performance Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor (DSP):

− SMJ320C31-60 (5 V)

33-ns Instruction Cycle Time 330 Million Operations Per Second (MOPS), 60 Million Floating-Point Operations Per Second (MFLOPS),  30 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS)

− SMJ320C31-50 (5 V) 40-ns Instruction Cycle Time 275 MOPS, 50 MFLOPS, 25 MIPS

− SMJ320C31-40 (5 V) 50-ns Instruction Cycle Time 220 MOPS, 40 MFLOPS, 20 MIPS

− SMJ320LC31-40 (3.3 V) 50-ns Instruction Cycle Time 220 MOPS, 40 MFLOPS, 20 MIPS

− SMQ320LC31-40 (3.3 V) 50-ns Instruction Cycle Time 220 MOPS, 40 MFLOPS, 20 MIPS

 32-Bit High-Performance CPU

 16-/32-Bit Integer and 32-/40-Bit Floating-Point Operations

 32-Bit Instruction and Data Words, 24-Bit Addresses

 Two 1K Word × 32-Bit Single-Cycle Dual-Access On-Chip RAM Blocks

 Boot-Program Loader

 64-Word × 32-Bit Instruction Cache

 Eight Extended-Precision Registers

 Two Address Generators With Eight

Auxiliary Registers and Two Auxiliary

Register Arithmetic Units (ARAUs)

 Two Low-Power Modes

 On-Chip Memory-Mapped Peripherals:

− One Serial Port Supporting

8-/16-/24-/32-Bit Transfers

− Two 32-Bit Timers

− One-Channel Direct Memory Access

(DMA) Coprocessor for Concurrent I/O and CPU Operation

 Fabricated Using Enhanced Performance

Implanted CMOS (EPIC) Technology by

Texas Instruments (TI)

 Two- and Three-Operand Instructions

 40 / 32-Bit Floating-Point /Integer Multiplier and Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

 Parallel ALU and Multiplier Execution in a

Single Cycle

 Block-Repeat Capability

 Zero-Overhead Loops With Single-Cycle


 Conditional Calls and Returns

 Interlocked Instructions for

Multiprocessing Support

 Bus-Control Registers Configure

Strobe-Control Wait-State Generation

 Validated Ada Compiler

 Integer, Floating-Point, and Logical


 32-Bit Barrel Shifter

 One 32-Bit Data Bus (24-Bit Address)


− 132-Lead Ceramic Quad Flatpack With

Nonconductive Tie-Bar (HFG Suffix)

− 141-Pin Ceramic Staggered Pin

Grid- Array Package (GFA Suffix)

− 132-Lead TAB Frame

− 132-Lead Plastic Quad Flatpack

(PQ Suffix)





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