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SuperH RISC engine





The SH7750 Series (SH7750, SH7750S, SH7750R) is a 32-bit RISC (reduced instruction set computer) microprocessor, featuring object code upward-compatibility with SH-1, SH-2, and SH-3 microcomputers. It includes an instruction cache, an operand cache with a choice of copy-back or write-through mode, and an MMU (memory management unit) with a 64-entry fully-associative unified TLB (translation lookaside buffer). The SH7750 and SH7750S have an 8-kbyte instruction cache and a 16-kbyte data cache. The SH7750R has a 16-kbyte instruction cache and a 32-kbyte data cache.

The SH7750 Series has an on-chip bus state controller (BSC) that allows connection to DRAM and synchronous DRAM. Its 16-bit fixed-length instruction set enables program code size to be reduced by almost 50% compared with 32-bit instructions.






• Operating frequency: 240 MHz*1, 200 MHz, 167 MHz*2 *3, 133 MHz*2,128 MHz*3

• Performance

432 MIPS (240 MHz), 360 MIPS (200 MHz), 300 MIPS (167 MHz),

240 MIPS (133 MHz), 230 MIPS (128 MHz) 1.7 GFLOPS (240 MHz), 1.4 GFLOPS (200 MHz),1.2 GFLOPS (167 MHz), 0.9 GFLOPS (133 MHz, 128 MHz)

• Superscalar architecture: Parallel execution of two instructions

• Packages: 256-pin BGA, 208-pin QFP, 264-pin CSP*2

• External buses

Separate 26-bit address and 64-bit data buses

External bus frequency of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, or 1/8 times internal bus frequency

CPU • Original Hitachi SH architecture

• 32-bit internal data bus

• General register file:

Sixteen 32-bit general registers (and eight 32-bit shadow registers)

Seven 32-bit control registers

Four 32-bit system registers

• RISC-type instruction set (upward-compatible with SH Series)

Fixed 16-bit instruction length for improved code efficiency

Load-store architecture

Delayed branch instructions

Conditional execution

C-based instruction set

• Superscalar architecture (providing simultaneous execution of two

instructions) including FPU

• Instruction execution time: Maximum 2 instructions/cycle

• Virtual address space: 4 Gbytes (448-Mbyte external memory space)

• Space identifier ASIDs: 8 bits, 256 virtual address spaces

• On-chip multiplier

• Five-stage pipeline

FPU • On-chip floating-point coprocessor

• Supports single-precision (32 bits) and double-precision (64 bits)

• Supports IEEE754-compliant data types and exceptions

• Two rounding modes: Round to Nearest and Round to Zero

• Handling of denormalized numbers: Truncation to zero or interrupt

generation for compliance with IEEE754

• Floating-point registers: 32 bits × 16 words × 2 banks

(single-precision × 16 words or double-precision × 8 words) × 2 banks

• 32-bit CPU-FPU floating-point communication register (FPUL)

• Supports FMAC (multiply-and-accumulate) instruction

• Supports FDIV (divide) and FSQRT (square root) instructions

• Supports FLDI0/FLDI1 (load constant 0/1) instructions

• Instruction execution times

Latency (FMAC/FADD/FSUB/FMUL): 3 cycles (single-precision), 8

cycles (double-precision)

Pitch (FMAC/FADD/FSUB/FMUL): 1 cycle (single-precision), 6 cycles


Note: FMAC is supported for single-precision only.

• 3-D graphics instructions (single-precision only):

4-dimensional vector conversion and matrix operations (FTRV): 4

cycles (pitch), 7 cycles (latency)

4-dimensional vector inner product (FIPR): 1 cycle (pitch), 4 cycles


Clock pulse

generator (CPG)

• Choice of main clock:

SH7750, SH7750S: 1/2, 1, 3, or 6 times EXTAL

SH7750R: 1, 6, or 12 times EXTAL

• Clock modes:

CPU frequency: 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, or 1/8 times main clock

Bus frequency: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, or 1/8 times main clock

Peripheral frequency: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, or 1/8 times main clock

Note: Maximum frequency varies with models.

• Power-down modes

Sleep mode

Standby mode

Module standby function

• Single-channel watchdog timer

Memory management unit (MMU)

• 4-Gbyte address space, 256 address space identifiers (8-bit ASIDs)

• Single virtual mode and multiple virtual memory mode

• Supports multiple page sizes: 1 kbyte, 4 kbytes, 64 kbytes, 1 Mbyte

• 4-entry fully-associative TLB for instructions

• 64-entry fully-associative TLB for instructions and operands

• Supports software-controlled replacement and random-counter

replacement algorithm

• TLB contents can be accessed directly by address mapping

Cache memory

[SH7750, SH7750S]

• Instruction cache (IC)

8 kbytes, direct mapping

256 entries, 32-byte block length

Normal mode (8-kbyte cache)

Index mode

• Operand cache (OC)

16 kbytes, direct mapping

512 entries, 32-byte block length

Normal mode (16-kbyte cache)

Index mode

RAM mode (8-kbyte cache + 8-kbyte RAM)

Choice of write method (copy-back or write-through)

• Single-stage copy-back buffer, single-stage write-through buffer

• Cache memory contents can be accessed directly by address mapping

(usable as on-chip memory)

• Store queue (32 bytes × 2 entries)

Cache memory[SH7750R]

• Instruction cache (IC)

16 kbytes, 2-way set associative

256 entries/way, 32-byte block length

Cache-double-mode (16-kbyte cache)

Index mode

SH7750/SH7750S-compatible mode (8 kbytes, direct mapping)

• Operand cache (OC)

32 kbytes, 2-way set associative

512 entries/way, 32-byte block length

Cache-double-mode (32-kbyte cache)

Index mode

RAM mode (16-kbyte cache + 16-kbyte RAM)

SH7750/SH7750S-compatible mode (16 kbytes, direct mapping)

• Single-stage copy-back buffer, single-stage write-through buffer

• Cache memory contents can be accessed directly by address mapping

(usable as on-chip memory)

• Store queue (32 bytes × 2 entries)

Interrupt controller(INTC)

• Five independent external interrupts: NMI, IRL3 to IRL0

• 15-level encoded external interrupts: IRL3 to IRL0

• On-chip peripheral module interrupts: Priority level can be set for each module


User break controller (UBC)

• Supports debugging by means of user break interrupts

• Two break channels

• Address, data value, access type, and data size can all be set as break


• Supports sequential break function

Bus state controller (BSC)

• Supports external memory access

64/32/16/8-bit external data bus

• External memory space divided into seven areas, each of up to 64

Mbytes, with the following parameters settable for each area:

Bus size (8, 16, 32, or 64 bits)

Number of wait cycles (hardware wait function also supported)

Connection of DRAM, synchronous DRAM, and burst ROM possible

by setting space type

Supports fast page mode and DRAM EDO

Supports PCMCIA interface

Chip select signals (&63 to &69) output for relevant areas

• DRAM/synchronous DRAM refresh functions

Programmable refresh interval

Supports CAS-before-RAS refresh mode and self-refresh mode

• DRAM/synchronous DRAM burst access function

• Big endian or little endian mode can be set

Direct memory access controller(DMAC)

• Physical address DMA controller:

SH7750, SH7750S: 4-channel

SH7750R: 8-channel

• Transfer data size: 8, 16, 32, or 64 bits, or 32 bytes

• Address modes:

Single address mode

Dual address mode

• Transfer requests: External, on-chip module, or auto-requests

• Bus modes: Cycle-steal or burst mode

• Supports on-demand data transfer

Timer unit (TMU) • Auto-reload 32-bit timer:

SH7750, SH7750S: 3-channel

SH7750R: 5-channel

• Input capture function

• Choice of seven counter input clocks Realtime clock(RTC)

• On-chip clock and calendar functions

• Built-in 32 kHz crystal oscillator with maximum 1/256 second resolution(cycle interrupts)Serial communication interface (SCI, SCIF)

• Two full-duplex communication channels (SCI, SCIF)

• Channel 1 (SCI):

Choice of asynchronous mode or synchronous mode

Supports smart card interface

• Channel 2 (SCIF):

Supports asynchronous mode

Separate 16-byte FIFOs provided for transmitter and receiver

Product lineup Abbreviation




Frequency Model No. Package

SH7750 1.95 V 200 MHz HD6417750BP200M 256-pin BGA

1.8 V 167 MHz HD6417750F167


1.5 V 128 MHz HD6417750VF128

208-pin QFP

SH7750S 1.95 V 200 MHz HD6417750SBP200 256-pin BGA


1.8 V 167 MHz HD6417750SF167


1.5 V 133 MHz HD6417750SVF133

208-pin QFP

HD6417750SVBT133 264-pin CSP

SH7750R 1.5 V 240 MHz HD6417750RBP240 256-pin BGA

HD6417750RF240 208-pin QFP

200 MHz HD6417750RBP200 256-pin BGA

HD6417750RF200 208-pin QFP





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