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 Multiformat SDTV Video Decoder





The ADV7181B integrated video decoder automatically detects and converts a standard analog baseband television signalcompatible with worldwide standards NTSC, PAL, and SECAM into 4:2:2 component video data-compatible with 16-/8-bit CCIR601/CCIR656.

The advanced and highly flexible digital output interface enables performance video decoding and conversion in linelocked clock-based systems. This makes the device ideally suited for a broad range of applications with diverse analog video characteristics, including tape based sources, broadcast sources, security/surveillance cameras, and professional systems.

The 6 analog input channels accept standard Composite, S-Video, YPrPb video signals in an extensive number of combinations. AGC and clamp restore circuitry allow an input video signal peak-to-peak range of 0.5 V to 1.6 V. Alternatively, these can be bypassed for manual settings.

The fixed 54 MHz clocking of the ADCs and datapath for all modes allows very precise, accurate sampling and digital filtering. The line-locked clock output allows the output data rate, timing signals, and output clock signals to be synchronous, asynchronous, or line locked even with ±5% line length variation. The output control signals allow glueless interface connections in almost any application. The ADV7181B modes are set up over a 2-wire, serial, bidirectional port (I2C compatible).

The ADV7181B is fabricated in a 3.3 V CMOS process. Its monolithic CMOS construction ensures greater functionality with lower power dissipation.

The ADV7181B is packaged in a small 80-lead LQFP Pb-free package.





Multiformat video decoder supports NTSC-(M, J, 4.43),


Integrates three 54 MHz, 9-bit ADCs

Clocked from a single 27 MHz crystal

Line-locked clock-compatible (LLC)

Adaptive Digital Line Length Tracking (ADLLT™), signal processing, and enhanced FIFO management give mini

TBC functionality

5-line adaptive comb filters

Proprietary architecture for locking to weak, noisy, and unstable video sources such as VCRs and tuners

Subcarrier frequency lock and status information output

Integrated AGC with adaptive peak white mode

Macrovision® copy protection detection

CTI (chroma transient improvement)

DNR (digital noise reduction)

Multiple programmable analog input formats:

CVBS (composite video)

S-Video (Y/C)

YPrPb component (VESA, MII, SMPTE, and BetaCam)

6 analog video input channels

Automatic NTSC/PAL/SECAM identification

Digital output formats (8-bit or16-bit):

ITU-R BT.656 YCrCb 4:2:2 output + HS, VS, and FIELD

0.5 V to 1.6 V analog signal input range

Differential gain: 0.6% typ

Differential phase: 0.6° typ

Programmable video controls:

Peak white/hue/brightness/saturation/contrast

Integrated on-chip video timing generator

Free-run mode (generates stable video ouput with no I/P)

VBI decode support for close captioning, WSS, CGMS, EDTV,

Gemstar® 1×/2×

Power-down mode

2-wire serial MPU interface (I2C®-compatible)

3.3 V analog, 1.8 V digital core; 3.3 V IO supply

Temperature grade:–40°C to +85°C

80-lead LQFP Pb-free package


DVD recorders

PC Video

HDD-based PVRs/DVDRs


Set-top boxes

Security systems

Digital televisions

Portable video devices

Automotive entertainment

AVR receiver



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