Integrated Circuit Chip AD679JNZ - Analog Devices - 14-Bit 128 kSPS Complete Sampling ADC



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14-Bit 128 kSPS Complete Sampling ADC





The AD679 is a complete, multipurpose 14-bit monolithic analog-to-digital converter, consisting of a sample-hold amplifier (SHA), a microprocessor compatible bus interface, a voltage reference and clock generation circuitry.

The AD679 is specified for ac (or “dynamic”) parameters such as S/N+D ratio, THD and IMD which are important in signal processing applications. In addition, the AD679K, B and T grades are fully specified for dc parameters which are important in measurement applications.

The 14 data bits are accessed in two read operations (8+6), with left justification. Data format is straight binary for unipolar mode and twos complement binary for bipolar mode. The input has a full-scale range of 10 V with a full power bandwidth of 1 MHz and a full linear bandwidth of 500 kHz. High input impedance (10 MΩ) allows direct connection to unbuffered sources without signal degradation. Conversions can be initiated either under microprocessor control or by an external clock asynchronous to the system clock.

This product is fabricated on Analog Devices’ BiMOS process, combining low power CMOS logic with high precision, low noise bipolar circuits; laser-trimmed thin-film resistors provide high accuracy. The converter utilizes a recursive subranging algorithm which includes error correction and flash converter circuitry to achieve high speed and resolution.

The AD679 operates from +5 V and ±12 V supplies and dissipates 560 mW (typ). 28-pin plastic DIP, ceramic DIP and 44 J-leaded ceramic surface mount packages are available.





AC and DC Characterized and Specified (K, B, T Grades)

128k Conversions per Second

1 MHz Full Power Bandwidth

500 kHz Full Linear Bandwidth

80 dB S/N+D (K, B, T Grades)

Twos Complement Data Format (Bipolar Mode)

Straight Binary Data Format (Unipolar Mode) 10 MV Input Impedance

8-Bit Bus Interface (See AD779 for 16-Bit Interface) On-Board Reference and Clock

10 V Unipolar or Bipolar Input Range

Pin Compatible with AD678 12-Bit, 200 kSPS ADC

MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available







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Standard Package



Integrated Circuits (ICs)


Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)





Number of Bits


Sampling Rate (Per Second)


Data Interface


Number of Converters


Power Dissipation (Max)


Voltage Supply Source

Analog and Digital, Dual ±

Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 70°C

Mounting Type

Through Hole

Package / Case

28-DIP (0.600", 15.24mm)

Supplier Device Package


Number of Inputs and Type

1 Single-Ended, Unipolar; 1 Single-Ended, Bipolar

Catalog Page

734 (CN081 PDF)



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