Integrated Circuit Chip AD2S90AP Low Cost, Complete 12-Bit Resolver-to-Digital Converter

Integrated Circuit Chip AD2S90AP Low Cost, Complete 12-Bit Resolver-to-Digital Converter



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Low Cost, Complete 12-Bit Resolver-to-Digital Converter


The AD2S90 is a complete 12-bit resolution tracking resolver-to-digital converter. No external components are required tooperate the device.The converter accepts 2 V rms ± 10% input signals in the range3 kHz–20 kHz on the SIN, COS and REF inputs. A Type IIservo loop is employed to track the inputs and convert the inputSIN and COS information into a digital representation of theinput angle. The bandwidth of the converter is set internally at1 kHz within the tolerances of the device. The guaranteed maxi-mum tracking rate is 500 rps.Angular position output information is available in two forms,absolute serial binary and incremental A quad B.The absolute serial binary output is 12-bit (1 in 4096). The dataoutput pin is high impedance when Chip Select CS is logic HI.This allows the connection of multiple converters onto a com-mon bus. Absolute angular information in serial pure binaryform is accessed by CS followed by the application of an exter-nal clock (SCLK) with a maximum rate of 2 MHz.The encoder emulation outputs A, B and NM continuouslyproduce signals equivalent to a 1024 line encoder. When de-coded this corresponds to 12 bits of resolution. Three commonnorth marker pulsewidths are selected via a single pin (NMC).An analog velocity output signal provides a representation ofvelocity from a rotating resolver shaft traveling in either a clock-wise or counterclockwise direction.The AD2S90 operates on ±5 V dc ± 5% power supplies and isfabricated on Analog Devices’ Linear Compatible CMOS pro-cess (LC2MOS). LC2MOS is a mixed technology process thatcombines precision bipolar circuits with low power CMOS logiccircuits.


Complete Monolithic Resolver-to-Digital Converter
Incremental Encoder Emulation (1024-Line)
Absolute Serial Data (12-Bit)
Differential Inputs
12-Bit Resolution
Industrial Temperature Range
20-Lead PLCC
Low Power (50 mW)




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20-PLCC Pkg

Standard Package



Integrated Circuits (ICs)


Data Acquisition - ADCs/DACs - Special Purpose






R/D Converter

Resolution (Bits)

12 b

Sampling Rate (Per Second)


Data Interface


Voltage Supply Source

Dual ±

Voltage - Supply

±4.75 V ~ 5.25 V

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 85°C

Mounting Type

Surface Mount

Package / Case

20-LCC (J-Lead)

Supplier Device Package

20-PLCC (9x9)

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Resolver to Digital Converter

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AD2S90AP AD2S90APZ AD2S90APZ-REEL Low Cost, Complete 12-Bit Resolver-to-Digital Converter

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