IDT7285L15PAI - Integrated Device Technology - CMOS DUAL ASYNCHRONOUS FIFO DUAL 256 x 9, DUAL 512 x



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 CMOS DUAL ASYNCHRONOUS FIFO DUAL 256 x 9, DUAL 512 x 9,DUAL 1,024 x 9, DUAL 2,048 x 9,DUAL4,096 x 9, DUAL 8,192 x 9





The IDT7280/7281/7282/7283/7284/7285 are dual-FIFO memories that load and empty data on a first-in/first-out basis. These devices are functional and compatible to two IDT7200/7201/7202/7203/7204/7205 FIFOs in a single package with all associated control, data, and flag lines assigned to separate pins. The devices use Full and Empty flags to prevent data overflow and underflow and expansion logic to allow for unlimited expansion capability in both word size and depth.

The reads and writes are internally sequential through the use of ring pointers, with no address information required to load and unload data. Data is toggled in and out of the devices through the use of the Write (W) and Read (R) pins.

The devices utilize a 9-bit wide data array to allow for control and parity bits at the user’s option. This feature is especially useful in data communications applications where it is necessary to use a parity bit for transmission/reception error checking. It also features a Retransmit (RT) capability that allows for reset of the read pointer to its initial position when RT is pulsed LOW to allow for retransmission from the beginning of data. A Half-Full Flag is available in the single device mode and width expansion modes.

These FIFOs are fabricated using IDT’s high-speed CMOS technology.

They are designed for those applications requiring asynchronous and simultaneous read/writes in multiprocessing and rate buffer applications.





• The IDT7280 is equivalent to two IDT7200 256 x 9 FIFOs

• The IDT7281 is equivalent to two IDT7201 512 x 9 FIFOs

• The IDT7282 is equivalent to two IDT7202 1,024 x 9 FIFOs

• The IDT7283 is equivalent to two IDT7203 2,048 x 9 FIFOs

• The IDT7284 is equivalent to two IDT7204 4,096 x 9 FIFOs

• The IDT7285 is equivalent to two IDT7205 8,192 x 9 FIFOs

• Low power consumption

— Active: 685 mW (max.)

— Power-down: 83 mW (max.)

• Ultra high speed—12 ns access time

• Asynchronous and simultaneous read and write

• Offers optimal combination of data capacity, small foot print and functional flexibility

• Ideal for bi-directional, width expansion, depth expansion, bus-matching, and data sorting applications

• Status Flags: Empty, Half-Full, Full

• Auto-retransmit capability

• High-performance CMOS technology

• Space-saving TSSOP

• Industrial temperature range (–40°C to +85°C) is available







Product Photos


Standard Package



Integrated Circuits (ICs)


Logic - FIFOs Memory





Package / Case

56-TFSOP (0.240", 6.10mm Width)

Mounting Type

Surface Mount



Memory Size

144K (8K x 9 x 2)

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 85°C

Voltage - Supply

4.5 V ~ 5.5 V

Data Rate


Access Time


Current - Supply (Max)


Bus Directional


Expansion Type

Depth, Width

Programmable Flags Support


Retransmit Capability


FWFT Support


Drawing Number

800; PA56; PA, G; 56

Mfr Reel Diameter


Mfr Reel Tape Width


Supplier Device Package


Mfr Reel Tape Material


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