Flash Memory IC Chip MT9044AL - Mitel Networks Corporation - T1/E1/OC3 System Synchronizer



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T1/E1/OC3 System Synchronizer





The MT9044 T1/E1/OC3 System Synchronizer contains a digital phase-locked loop (DPLL), which provides timing and synchronization signals for multitrunk T1 and E1 primary rate transmission links and STS-3/0C3 links.

The MT9044 generates ST-BUS clock and framing signals that are phase locked to either a 2.048MHz, 1.544MHz, or 8kHz input reference.

The MT9044 is compliant with AT&T TR62411 and Bellcore GR-1244-CORE Stratum 3, Stratum 4 Enhanced, and Stratum 4; and ETSI ETS 300 011. It will meet the jitter/wander tolerance, jitter/wander transfer, intrinsic jitter/wander, frequency accuracy, capture range, phase change slope, holdover frequency and MTIE requirements for these specifications.





• Supports AT&T TR62411 and Bellcore GR-1244-CORE Stratum 3, Stratum 4

Enhanced and Stratum 4 timing for DS1interfaces

• Supports ITU-T G.812 Type IV clocks for 1,544 kbit/s interfaces and 2,048 kbit/s interfaces

• Supports ETSI ETS 300 011, TBR 4, TBR 12 and TBR 13 timing for E1 interfaces

• Selectable 1.544MHz, 2.048MHz or 8kHz input reference signals

• Provides C1.5, C2, C3, C4, C6, C8, C16, and C19 (STS-3/OC3 clock divided by 8) output clock signals

• Provides 5 different styles of 8 KHz framing pulses

• Holdover frequency accuracy of 0.05 PPM

• Holdover indication

• Attenuates wander from 1.9Hz

• Provides Time Interval Error (TIE) correction

• Accepts reference inputs from two independent sources

• JTAG Boundary Scan





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