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The DDR2 SDRAM uses a double data rate architecture to achieve high-speed operation. The double data rate architecture is essentially a 4n-prefetch architecture, with an interface designed to transfer two data words per clock cycle at the I/O balls. A single read or write access for the DDR2 SDRAM effectively consists of a single 4n-bit-wide, one-clock-cycle data transfer at the internal DRAM core and four corresponding n-bit-wide, one-half-clock-cycle data transfers at the I/O balls.

A bidirectional data strobe (DQS, DQS#) is transmitted externally, along with data, for use in data capture at the receiver. DQS is a strobe transmitted by the DDR2 SDRAM during READs and by the memory controller during WRITEs. DQS is edge-aligned with data for READs and center-aligned with data for WRITEs. The x16 offering has two data strobes, one for the lower byte (LDQS, LDQS#) and one for the upper byte (UDQS,UDQS#).

The DDR2 SDRAM operates from a differential clock (CK and CK#); the crossing of CK going HIGH and CK# going LOW will be referred to as the positive edge of CK. Commands (address and control signals) are registered at every positive edge of CK. Input data is registered on both edges of DQS, and output data is referenced to both edges of DQS as well as to both edges of CK.

Read and write accesses to the DDR2 SDRAM are burst-oriented; accesses start at a selected location and continue for a programmed number of locations in a programmed sequence. Accesses begin with the registration of an ACTIVATE command, which is then followed by a READ or WRITE command. The address bits registered coincident with the ACTIVATE command are used to select the bank and row to be accessed. The address bits registered coincident with the READ or WRITE command are used to selectthe bank and the starting column location for the burst access.

The DDR2 SDRAM provides for programmable read or write burst lengths of four or eight locations. DDR2 SDRAM supports interrupting a burst read of eight with another read or a burst write of eight with another write. An auto precharge function may be enabled to provide a self-timed row precharge that is initiated at the end of the burst access.

As with standard DDR SDRAM, the pipelined, multibank architecture of DDR2 SDRAM enables concurrent operation, thereby providing high, effective bandwidth by hiding row precharge and activation time.

A self refresh mode is provided, along with a power-saving, power-down mode.

All inputs are compatible with the JEDEC standard for SSTL_18. All full drive-strength outputs are SSTL_18-compatible.





 VDD = 1.8V ±0.1V, V DDQ = 1.8V ±0.1V

 JEDEC-standard 1.8V I/O (SSTL_18-compatible)

 Differential data strobe (DQS, DQS#) option

 4n-bit prefetch architecture

 Duplicate output strobe (RDQS) option for x8

 DLL to align DQ and DQS transitions with CK

 4 internal banks for concurrent operation

 Programmable CAS latency (CL)

 Posted CAS additive latency (AL)

 WRITE latency = READ latency - 1 tCK

 Selectable burst lengths (BL): 4 or 8

 Adjustable data-output drive strength

 64ms, 8192-cycle refresh

 On-die termination (ODT)

 Industrial temperature (IT) option

 Automotive temperature (AT) option


 Supports JEDEC clock jitter specification






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84 FBGA Package

Standard Package



Integrated Circuits (ICs)






Tape & Reel (TR)

Format - Memory


Memory Type


Memory Size

256M (16Mx16)





Voltage - Supply

1.7 V ~ 1.9 V

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 95°C

Package / Case


Supplier Device Package

84-FBGA (8x14)


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