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The MT28F008B5 (x8) and MT28F800B5 (x16/x8) are nonvolatile, electrically block-erasable (Flash), programmable read-only memories containing 8,388,608 bits organized as 524,288 words (16 bits) or 1,048,576 bytes (8 bits). Writing or erasing the device is done with a 5V VPP voltage, while all operations are performed with a 5V VCC. Due to process technology advances, 5V VPP is optimal for application and production programming. These devices are fabricated with Micron’s advanced 0.18µm CMOS floating-gate process.

The MT28F008B5 and MT28F800B5 are organized into eleven separately erasable blocks. To ensure that critical firmware is protected from accidental erasure or overwrite, the devices feature a hardware-protected boot block. This block may be used to store code implemented in low-level system recovery. The remaining blocks vary in density and are written and erased with no additional security measures.





• Eleven erase blocks:

16KB/8K-word boot block (protected)

Two 8KB/4K-word parameter blocks

• Eight main memory blocks

• Smart 5 technology (B5):

5V ±10% VCC

5V ±10% VPP application/ production programming1

• Advanced 0.18µm CMOS floating-gate process

• Compatible with 0.3µm Smart 5 device

• Address access time: 80ns

• 100,000 ERASE cycles

• Industry-standard pinouts

• Automated write and erase algorithm

• Two-cycle WRITE/ERASE sequence

• TSOP and SOP packaging options

• Byte- or word-wide READ and WRITE

(MT28F800B5, 1 Meg x 8/512K x 16)





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