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 2K x 8 Reprogrammable PROM




The CY7C291A is a high-performance 2K-word by 8-bit CMOS PROM. It is packaged in a 300-mil ceramic package which may be equipped with an erasure window; when exposed to UV light the PROM is erased and can then be reprogrammed. The memory cells utilize proven EPROM floating-gate technology and byte-wide intelligent programming algorithms.

The CY7C291A is a plug-in replacement for bipolar devices and offers the advantage of lower power, reprogram ability, superior performance and programming yield. The EPROM cell requires only 12.5V for the super voltage and low current requirements allow for gang programming. The EPROM cells allow for each memory location to be tested 100%, as each location is written into, erased, and repeatedly exercised prior to encapsulation. Each PROM is also tested for AC performance to guarantee that after customer programming the product will meet DC and AC specification limits.

A read is accomplished by placing an active LOW signal on CS1

, and active HIGH signals on CS2 and CS3. The contents of the memory location addressed by the address line(A0−A10) will become available on the output lines (O0−O7).





• Windowed for reprogrammability

• CMOS for optimum speed/power

• High speed

— 20 ns (Commercial)

— 35 ns (Military)

• Low power

— 660 mW (Commercial and Military)

• Low standby power

— 220 mW (Commercial and Military)

• EPROM technology 100% programmable

• Slim 300-mil or standard 600-mil packaging available

• 5V ±10% VCC, commercial and military

• TTL-compatible I/O

• Direct replacement for bipolar PROMs

• Capable of withstanding >2001V static discharge





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