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Multichannel Synchronous Communications Controller (MUSYCC)





The CN8478, CN8474A, CN8472A, and CN8471A are advanced Multichannel Synchronous Communication Controllers (MUSYCCs) that format and deformat up to 256 (CN8478), 128 (CN8474A), 64 (CN8472A), or 32 (CN8471A) HDLC channels in a single CMOS integrated circuit. MUSYCC operates at Layer 2 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) protocol reference model. MUSYCC provides a comprehensive, high-density solution for processing HDLC channels for internetworking applications such as Frame Relay, ISDN D-channel signaling, X.25, Signaling System 7 (SS7), DXI, ISUP, and LAN/WAN data transport. Under minimal host supervision, MUSYCC manages a linked list of channel data buffers in host memory by performing Direct Memory Access (DMA) of the HDLC channels.

MUSYCC interfaces with eight independent serial data streams, such as T1/E1 signals, and then transfers data across the popular 32-bit Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) bus to system memory at a rate of up to 66 MHz. Each serial interface can be operated at up to 8.192 MHz. Logical channels can be mapped as any combination of DS0 time slots to support ISDN hyperchannels (Nx64 kbps) or as any number of bits in a DS0 for subchanneling applications (Nx8 kbps).

MUSYCC also includes a 32-bit expansion port for bridging the PCI bus to local microprocessors or peripherals. A JTAG port enables boundary-scan testing to replace bed-of-nails board testing.

Device drivers for Linux, VxWorks®, and pSOS™ operating systems are available under a no-fee license agreement from Conexant. The device drivers include C source code and supporting software documents.





• 256-, 128-, 64-, or 32-channel HDLC controller

• OSI Layer 2 protocol support

• General purpose HDLC (ISO 3309)

– X.25 (LAPB)

– Frame relay (LAPF/ANSI T1.618)

– ISDN D-channel (LAPD/Q.921)

– SS7 support

• 8, 4, 2, or 1 independent serial interfaces which support

– T1/E1 data streams

– DC to 8.192 Mbps TDM busses

• Configurable logical channels

– Standard DS0 (56, 64 kbps)

– Hyperchannel (Nx64)

– Subchannel (Nx8)

• Per-channel protocol mode selection

– 16-bit FCS mode

– 32-bit FCS mode

– SS7 mode (16-bit FCS)

– Transparent mode (unformatted data)

• Per-channel DMA buffer management

– Linked list data structures

– Variable size transmit/receive FIFO

• Per-channel message length check

– Select no length checking

– Select from two 12-bit registers to compare message length

– Maximum length 16,384 Bytes

• Direct PCI bus interface

– 32-bit, 66 or 33 MHz operation

– Bus master and slave operation

– PCI Version 2.1

• Local Expansion Bus interface (EBUS)

– 32-bit multiplexed address/data bus

– Burst access up to 64 Bytes

• Low power, 3.3/2.5 V CMOS operation

• JTAG boundary scan access port

• 208-pin PQFP/surface-mount package






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