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Analog Devices - Low Noise, Precision Instrumentation Amplifier





The AMP01 is a monolithic instrumentation amplifier designedfor high-precision data acquisition and instrumentation applica-tions. The design combines the conventional features of aninstrumentation amplifier with a high current output stage. Theoutput remains stable with high capacitance loads (1 µF), aunique ability for an instrumentation amplifier. Consequently,the AMP01 can amplify low level signals for transmissionthrough long cables without requiring an output buffer. The outputstage may be configured as a voltage or current generator.Input offset voltage is very low (20 µV), which generally elimi-nates the external null potentiometer. Temperature changeshave minimal effect on offset; TCVIOS is typically 0.15 µV/°C.

Excellent low-frequency noise performance is achieved with aminimal compromise on input protection. Bias current is verylow, less than 10 nA over the military temperature range. Highcommon-mode rejection of 130 dB, 16-bit linearity at a gain of1000, and 50 mA peak output current are achievable simulta-neously. This combination takes the instrumentation amplifierone step further towards the ideal amplifier.

AC performance complements the superb dc specifications. TheAMP01 slews at 4.5 V/µs into capacitive loads of up to 15 nF,settles in 50 µs to 0.01% at a gain of 1000, and boasts a healthy26 MHz gain-bandwidth product. These features make theAMP01 ideal for high speed data acquisition systems.Gain is set by the ratio of two external resistors over a range of0.1 to 10,000. A very low gain temperature coefficient of

10 ppm/°C is achievable over the whole gain range. Outputvoltage swing is guaranteed with three load resistances; 50 Ω,500 Ω, and 2 kΩ. Loaded with 500 Ω, the output delivers±13.0 V minimum. A thermal shutdown circuit prevents de-struction of the output transistors during overload conditions.The AMP01 can also be configured as a high performance op-erational amplifier. In many applications, the AMP01 can beused in place of op amp/power-buffer combinations.





Low Offset Voltage: 50 mV Max

Very Low Offset Voltage Drift: 0.3 mV/8C Max

Low Noise: 0.12 mV p-p (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz)

Excellent Output Drive: 610 V at 650 mA

Capacitive Load Stability: to 1 mF

Gain Range: 0.1 to 10,000

Excellent Linearity: 16-Bit at G = 1000

High CMR: 125 dB min (G = 1000)

Low Bias Current: 4 nA Max

May Be Configured as a Precision Op Amp

Output-Stage Thermal Shutdown

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18-CDIP Pkg

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Indirect Current Feedback Instrumentation Amplifier Applications Guide

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Amplifier Type


Number of Circuits


Output Type


Slew Rate

4.5 V/µs

Gain Bandwidth Product


-3db Bandwidth


Current - Input Bias


Voltage - Input Offset


Current - Supply


Current - Output / Channel


Voltage - Supply, Single/Dual (±)

±4.5 V ~ 18 V

Operating Temperature

-25°C ~ 85°C

Mounting Type

Through Hole

Package / Case

18-CDIP (0.300", 7.62mm)

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