AM29LV320DT90EC - Advanced Micro Devices - 32 Megabit (4 M x 8-Bit/2 M x 16-Bit) CMOS 3.0 Volt-only,



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32 Megabit (4 M x 8-Bit/2 M x 16-Bit) CMOS 3.0 Volt-only, Boot Sector Flash Memory





The Am29LV320D is a 32 megabit, 3.0 volt-only flash memory device, organized as 2,097,152 words of 16 bits each or 4,194,304 bytes of 8 bits each. Word mode data appears on DQ0–DQ15; byte mode data appears on DQ0–DQ7. The device is designed to be programmed in-system with the standard 3.0 volt VCC supply, and can also be programmed in standard EPROM programmers.

The device is available with an access time of 90 or 120 ns. The devices are offered in 48-pin TSOP and 48-ball FBGA packages. Standard control pins—chip enable (CE#), write enable (WE#), and output enable(OE#)—control normal read and write operations, and avoid bus contention issues.

The device requires only a single 3.0 volt power supply for both read and write functions. Internally generated and regulated voltages are provided for the program and erase operations.

Am29LV320D Features

The Secured Silicon sector is an extra sector capable of being permanently locked by AMD or customers. The Secured Silicon Indicator Bit (DQ7) is permanently set to a 1 if the part is factory locked, and set to a 0 if customer lockable. This way, customer lockable parts can never be used to replace a factory locked part. Note that the Am29LV320D has a Secured Silicon sector size of 64 Kbytes. AMD devices designated as replacements or substitutes, such as the Am29LV320M, have 256 bytes.

This should be considered during system design.

Factory locked parts provide several options. The Secured Silicon sector may store a secure, random 16 byte ESN (Electronic Serial Number), customer code (programmed through AMD’s ExpressFlash service) or both. Customer Lockable parts may utilize the Secured Silicon sector as bonus space, reading and writing like any other flash sector, or may permanently lock their own code there.

The device offers complete compatibility with the

JEDEC single-power-supply Flash command set standard. Commands are written to the command register using standard microprocessor write timings.

Reading data out of the device is similar to reading from other Flash or EPROM devices.

The host system can detect whether a program or erase operation is complete by using the device status bits: RY/BY# pin, DQ7 (Data# Polling) and DQ6/DQ2 (toggle bits). After a program or erase cycle is completed, the device automatically returns to the read mode.

The sector erase architecture allows memory sectors to be erased and reprogrammed without affecting

the data contents of other sectors. The device is fully erased when shipped from the factory.

Hardware data protection measures include a low

VCC detector that automatically inhibits write operations during power transitions. The hardware sector protection feature disables both program and erase operations in any combination of the sectors of memory. This can be achieved in-system or via programming equipment.

The device offers two power-saving features. When addresses are stable for a specified amount of time, the device enters the automatic sleep mode. The system can also place the device into the standby mode. Power consumption is greatly reduced in both modes.





„ Any combination of sectors can be erased

„ Ready/Busy# output (RY/BY#)

— Hardware method for detecting program or erase cycle completion

„ Hardware reset pin (RESET#)

— Hardware method of resetting the internal state machine to the read mode

„ WP#/ACC input pin

— Write protect (WP#) function allows protection of two outermost boot sectors, regardless of sector protect status

— Acceleration (ACC) function provides accelerated program times

„ Sector protection

— Hardware method of locking a sector, either in-system or using programming equipment, to prevent any program or erase operation within that sector

— Temporary Sector Unprotect allows changing data in protected sectors in-system





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